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A world-class corporation


A world-class corporation operating in numerous strategic fields through a group of all-star entities. SESCO Group's geographic span covers 30+ countries and yields more than 2.1 billion US dollars annual turnover.

Each of the group subsidiaries managed to become a universally-recognized market player in its own field. The SESCO family is entirely taking over different markets in the industries of developed logistics, international trading, cement production, specialized construction, steel fabrication, and more.

Trade The World

1998 was the beginning when SESCO Group decided to throw its own glowing star into the massive sky of international trading. Rapidly and with confident steps, SESCO Trading grew a robust network for trading in five types of cargo. SESCO's Flag is now waving on the lands of more than 30 countries.

SESCO Trading has gained dynamic control over its operations and succeeded to offer a widely satisfying SMART service after acquiring its own fleet of vessels, a fleet among which lies one-of-a-kind floating cement terminal.

Experts in international trading collaborating to boost your business performance. An all-around service, around the clock and all around the world.


We approach a world of fully dynamic, automated and swift trading operations, all accredited to SESCO Trading.


To maximize on the company’s major assets creating three invincible edges: Brilliant minds, blue-ship technologies, and a seamless global trading model.