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A world-class corporation

SESCO Trading misses no opportunity to uplift the value it offers to clients or to privilege them further comforts; consequently, the company had great motives to tackle the opportunity of owning a cutting-edge fleet of vessels, an investment that resulted in more controllable, reliable, and timely operations.


IMO 8607579
Type Cement Carrier
Deadweight 5,034 t
Discharging Pneumatically and Mechanically


IMO 7813561
Type Cement Carrier
Deadweight 5,946 t
Discharging Pneumatically

 Linda Star

IMO 8312100
Type Bulk Carrier
Deadweight 28,005 t
Discharging 4 Cranes

 Linda Cem

IMO 7207530
Type Cement Terminal
Deadweight 34,196 t